I have finally published some of my knitting patterns on etsy and ravelry. Check them out soon, Hearts Baby Blanket, Drew’s Hat and Scarf, and a Gentleman’s Scarf (which is free on revelry)

A Gentleman's Scarf

A Gentleman’s Scarf

I needed a simple but elegant man’s gift for Christmas so I designed this scarf, however, I used a double strand of lace weight yarn and small needles so it took longer than expected.

Hearts Baby Blanket

Hearts Baby Blanket

Hearts Baby Blanket was designed for my newest grandbaby and the hat pattern is included. This picture isn’t very good but it was the only one I had and I couldn’t take another one because It has already been delivered to my precious little darling.

Drew's Hat and Scarf

Drew’s Hat and Scarf

Drew’s Hat and Scarf was created for my grandson and is included in my book “How to Knit” (on iTunes)

I have created lots of other patterns and things over the past year but have just been too busy tutoring and knitting to get them written up to sell. I plan to get that done in 2015.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe and have a great time.