Leg warmers


FINALLY!!! Finished the 3rd pair of leg warmers. Abby will be so happy when she sees them tonight. We have had a lot of cold days lately and she has to stand in the cold to catch the bus. These will help.

I also finished up my class, Introduction to programming for musicians and digital artist, today. It has been a fun class.
Here is my final project.


Completely written in ChucK programming language. I hope you enjoy it.


Leg warmers

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I did, with wonderful family and friends.

Deana's leg warmersd

Well, I finally finished another set of leg warmers and I am halfway through the third pair.

I am taking a class online through cousera.org, “Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artist”. It has been a fun class and I have two more weeks to go. It has limited my time for knitting and blogging but I try to knit a little each day. It is finals time at the college so I expect to be very busy tutoring for the next week and a half. Then it’s time to get ready for Christmas. So much to do and so little time to do it.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Hand and leg warmers


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Well its back to work today tutoring college Math. So there won’t be much time for knitting.

I promised my three granddaughters a set of hand and leg warmers in the Spring for the coming Winter. Knit Picks had fingering weight sock yarn on sale and they each picked out the colors they wanted and I ordered it. I received the yarn and separated it into baggies for each girl and labeled it and it has been sitting waiting ever since. I am only about 2/5 of the way through with my skirt and it is late August.

I guess I am going to have to put my skirt on hold and get busy on the three sets of hand and leg warmers if they are to be finished before cold weather gets here since tutoring will be taking up most of my time.

Here are the yarns I am using.





The skeins make stripes but the hanks do not.



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So, yesterday I went rummaging through my stash looking for some cotton yarn and thread for some pot holders. The yarn I found was in a tangled mess. Needless to say I spent the biggest part of the day straightening out yarn. I can’t imagine how it got that way because I KNOW I would not have put it away like that. However I did manage to find just what I needed for the pot holder and now it is finished.

At this rate the skirt will take longer than previously expected.

The Skirt



I decided to add accents with the yarn used for the tank top


I added an i-cord trim at the bottom. I didn’t like the way the tank top stretches out at the bottom so I’ll probably add i-cord to the bottom of it too. And then a single row of the lighter color at the 19th row of stockinette stitch for just a hint of contrast.

Skirt Calculations

Create a stitch gage (number of stitches and rows per inch). Mine is 8.5 rows and 6.25 stitches to 1 square inch.

First determine the length of the skirt. Mine is 26 inches. Then measure from the bottom (where you want the botton to hit your leg) to the largest area of the hip. Measure from this point to the waist.

Measure the hips at the largest area and add 1 inch.

Measure the waist and add 1 inch.

Determine how big you want the bottom circumference of the skirt. Mine is 7 inches larger than the hip measurement.

Work 3 inches of lace at the bottom of the skirt. Subtract this 3 inches from the bottom to the hip measurement.  Mine is 16 in. Then 16 x 8.5 = 136 rows 

I want to decrease 7 inches over 136 rows. So 7 x 6.25 = 44 stitches. So I can decrease 4 stitches every 12th row 11 times. That 132 rows, then do 4 rows of stockinette stitch.

Now I want to decrease 5 more inches to the waist. Yours will be different. 5 x 6.25 = 31 stitches so make it 32, a multiple of 4. The distance from the hip to the waist is 60 rows divided by 8 (8 x 4 = 32) gives me 7.5 rows so I will decrease 4 stitches every 7th row 8 times, then do 4 rows of stockinette stitch. 

But we also need a casing for either elastic or draw string. So I’ll do 9 more rows of Stockinette Stitch (1+ inch) to turn down for the casing.

Note: the decreases are done on either side of the skirt. Place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round and at the half way point.  At the beginning of the round k2, Decrease 1 stitch, then two stitches before the halfway stitch marker decrease 1 stitch k4 decrease 1, two stitches before the end of the round decrease 1 stitch. A total of 4 stitches decreased in one round. Use left and right leaning decreases to either lean in toward the stitch marker or to lean out from the stitch marker.

Check back on my progress. This will be a 6 to 8 week project,  I hope.

Knitted Skirt

When I purchased the yarn for the Knitted Tank Top I purchased a darker shade of the same yarn thinking that I would make two Tank Tops but I have decided to make a skirt  out of the darder shade to go with the lighter shade Top. This time I will use my own pattern, making adjustments to fit my body instead of someone else’s generic pattern that really doesn’t fit anyone except maybe the designer.

I really don’t like wasting time, yarn and money on patterns that don’t really work.