Winter Weather

With the all the cold weather, snow and ice, what better time to learn to knit with the kids with the absolute best how to knit book out there. Check it out and download your copy now. Click on the book to download.

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Summer break is almost here

Summer break is almost here. What better time to learn to knit with the kids with the absolute best how to knit book out there. Check it out and download your copy now. Click on the book to download.

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Published My Knitting Patterns

I have finally published some of my knitting patterns on etsy and ravelry. Check them out soon, Hearts Baby Blanket, Drew’s Hat and Scarf, and a Gentleman’s Scarf (which is free on revelry)

A Gentleman's Scarf

A Gentleman’s Scarf

I needed a simple but elegant man’s gift for Christmas so I designed this scarf, however, I used a double strand of lace weight yarn and small needles so it took longer than expected.

Hearts Baby Blanket

Hearts Baby Blanket

Hearts Baby Blanket was designed for my newest grandbaby and the hat pattern is included. This picture isn’t very good but it was the only one I had and I couldn’t take another one because It has already been delivered to my precious little darling.

Drew's Hat and Scarf

Drew’s Hat and Scarf

Drew’s Hat and Scarf was created for my grandson and is included in my book “How to Knit” (on iTunes)

I have created lots of other patterns and things over the past year but have just been too busy tutoring and knitting to get them written up to sell. I plan to get that done in 2015.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe and have a great time.

Moving Right Along

I finally finished the third set of hand warmers. My granddaughter loved them.



I really like the A- symmetrical look of the cable close to the thumb side. It was just a design whem as I was making them.

Of course this is not all I have been doing, the second set of hand warmers, in the pink stripe, were grabbed up before I could get a picture, sorry.

I have also been working on a sweater. I had to put it aside to finish up leg warmers and hand warmers. The front is a sky line of Atlanta, my design, and is done in Aloft Jade and Oat from Knit picks. It is 75% Super Kid Mohair, 25% silk in lace weight and I am using two strands.

Oh, and I made the stitch markers.

I have one more set of leg and hand warmers to finish before getting back to my sweater and I am thinking about a shawl for wedding gift. We’ll have to see about that.

The yarn is 50% Merino Wool, 25% superfine Alpaca, 25% Nylon from Knit Picks. The name is Imagination, color is Wicked Witch but apparently it is no longer available. I could not find it on their web site. It is hand-painted fingering weight and it feels really nice.

I hope to return soon with more progress.

Book price going up



Don’t forget, the price of my book is going up soon. It’s a steal at the current price and because the price is so low I can’t do any paid advertising. So I am going to have to raise the price. Check it out, tell all your friends, repost… The low price won’t last much longer.


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How To Knit



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Young children to Adults will have fun learning to knit with this easy to follow guide. 

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Happy New Year


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Happy New Year everyone!!!!

I thought I would start out the new year thinking about some new designs. I started designing my own knitted items because most patterns I found just did not work for me and I was tired of spending good money on something I eventually had to rewrite myself anyway. So as a designer and pattern writer I would like to know what are some of the problems you have had with commercially (or not) written patterns?

Here’s to a year of happy knitting!!!